We are group of committed residents in Langley, New Forest who are trying to purchase the local church and turn it into a community hub. There are currently no community buildings in Langley or Blackfield which are the two nearest villages. 

 front of church

Although it doesn't look like it right now, it is a much loved community space in Langley, in the Waterside area of the New Forest.  The church that owns the building is has put it up for sale. We would like to save it and turn it into a community hall to be used by the people of Langley and surrounding areas.

Lots more information will be added as we get it. So do watch this space.

We are several meetings into forming our working group, but we need lots more help. Our group meets every 7pm Tuesday at the Langley Tavern, just down the road from the hall.  Do come and join us.

People all over the UK are saving local buildings to keep them in use, so why can't we?